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Almost all the products in your grocery store contain additives, there are two type of additives;naturals and artificial. Artificial ones are harmful in big amount and we have to always keep an eye on them, and news relative to them.

Nowadays there is a big tendence of not using additives and try to eat health no-ultraprocessed products.

Why do the artificial additives exist?

Very simple, to make a cheap product look and taste better and last longer.

What are the effects on people?

There are researchs about the use of a single one but not all combined, wich is the way we consume them.

How do we do in JAMONES BERMEJO?

During our process we use ecological salt and porc 50% duroc meat, that´s it.

Our ham master, measures the amount of salt, the time that every phase lasts, and even controles how much wind enter through the windows to our natural cellars, and he has been doing it for more than 30 years.

As a result we obtain a product without additives,lactose,gluten and sugar; wich  quantity of salt is lower that the average.

Our product: 3 gr salt per 100 gr ham.

Average: 5 gr. salt per 100 gr. ham


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